Wikipedia isn’t the only site considering a public demonstration of the evils of SOPA. Scribd has gone ahead and done it. Scribd has added a script to its page that blanks out documents word by word before users’ eyes, followed by a pop-up explaining what’s happening and why we should all be concerned about SOPA. This analysis of why SOPA is unconstitutional is cited as an example.

(At least, in theory. It didn’t work on my computer, nor on those of some others who posted comments on Scribd’s post.)

That puts me in mind of a tool I saw on BoingBoing the other day that allows people to “censor” their own blog posts with a link to show how people can fight SOPA censorship themselves. The nice thing about the Internet is that it’s very good at getting out word on things like this. The problem is, will that be enough to kill the bill?

(Found via TechDirt.)


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