The American Library Association has just shared the news from Simon & Schuster “that it will donate a free ebook copy of Brian Grazer’s new book, A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life to libraries for every ebook or hardcover book sold at retail, up to 5,000 copies,” hailing this as “a momentous move for libraries.” The book, coauthored by journalist Charles Fishman, details “the weekly ‘curiosity conversations’ that have inspired Grazer to create some of America’s favorite, iconic movies and television shows—including 24 and A Beautiful Mind.” The promotion will continue through National Library Week (April 12–18).

“From our first conversations with publishers, we have worked to find win-win opportunities for readers, authors, libraries, and publishers—and this is a wonderful way to engage and explore together the ‘Unlimited Possibilities’ theme of National Library Week,” said American Library Association (ALA) President Courtney L. Young. “Library lending promotes literacy, creativity, and innovation—feeding curious minds and driving lifelong reading habits. I am excited to celebrate these shared values and National Library Week with Brian Grazer and Simon & Schuster.”

“It thrills me to think that with this ebook donation program, my book might now appear in library collections alongside the classics that inspired my childhood imagination,” added Grazer. “Libraries are the safe place for dreamers of all ages to learn more about whatever piques their interest. I hope their curiosity leads them to my book, but if instead they discover a book about mermaids, or rappers, or something else that inspires them, then mission accomplished.”


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