Back in March, we brought you the story of Singularity & Co., a four-person team obsessed with obscure science fiction novels, and “aimed at purchasing [the] publishing rights to out-of-print classic SF titles, scanning them, and publishing them as e-books,” as former TeleRead reporter Chris Meadows wrote.

The group has since opened a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood—a grand opening celebration was held on August 9—where vintage sci-fi and fantasy paperbacks are organized chronologically.

Singularity & Co. has also completed its first two e-book publishing projects: Robert Cromie‘s A Plunge Into Space (first published in 1890) and the 1948 novel The Torch, by Jack Bechdolt. According to Wired, the company’s third e-book project will be Mr. Stranger’s Sealed Packet by Hugh MacColl, published in 1889.

“The team tracked down the lone copy [of Mr. Stranger’s Sealed Packet] out of university archives,” according to the Wired article, “and went on a thousand-mile drive just to scan it. Despite being out of copyright, none of the universities who owned a copy of [the book] permitted scanning.”

Unfortunately, unless you’re interested enough in vintage science-fiction to subscribe to one of Singularity & Co.’s membership plans, you won’t be able to purchase the e-books. Year-long subscriptions aren’t expensive, though: $29.99 gets you a minimum of 12 books, which breaks down to about $2.50 per title. (I’ve paid more than that for a Kindle Single.)

To learn about another print-to-e-book republishing company with a relatively different business model, read this July 1 post by Chris Meadows about


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