As you can see we have come a long way from a couple of days ago. The site is running much better and, at least for me, is actually faster than it was before. There is still some work yet to do, but we have gotten over the hump and it will get even better from here on. If you see any particular problems please leave a comment here, or feel free to email me. We can’t answer you individually, but we will look into anything you report.

Two kudos.

First, to Brett Fielo, a principal of Webhead Design. Brett agreed to take over hosting the site, and all that it entails, and for his kindness was given a huge amount of hassles and a number of late nights. On top of this, he is not only donating his time as our new sysadmin but is also donating his hosting service, so he’s not making a penny on anything. He’s saving us many pennies as we had to pay for our previous hosting service (but not for Robert Nagel’s efforts as sysadmin, however).

Second, to Robert Nagle, for doing all the free sysadmin work over the years and for taking the time over the last few days to give Brett the benefit of his experience and expertise with the site. Luckily, Robert will continue with us as a contributor, as you can see from his post yesterday.

Finally, a quick “thank you” to Alexander Turcic, of MobileRead, for helping us out by posting about our migration problems and letting you know what was going on. It’s nice to see that we are a community, not just a bunch of internet sites.


  1. Hi, Chris. Re funky characters, I’ve alerted Brett Fielo, our new tech guy, about the problem—which affects many posts besides yours. He’ll also be addressing the matter of the missing images and the AWOL MP3s and the nonfictional “50 latest posts.” With 8,000 or so posts to worry about, the migration is far from a simple matter. We’re lucky to have Brett–a rather experienced Web guy–on the case. Robert Nagle has kindly pitched in to help us get things back to normal. My own hunch is that a search-and-replace in our database can address the character problem if other things don’t work. – David

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