Siva Cycle AtomThis Kickstarter project has funded pretty quickly over the past couple of days, and I certainly expect it to overfund significantly before the campaign is over. The concept behind the Siva Cycle Atom is using a bicycle as a generator to power a battery pack, which can be used to charge electronic devices via USB.

The Siva Cycle Atom is designed with top of the line magnetic rotors and powerful lithium batteries. As you ride, it harnesses the kinetic energy to directly charge a device or store the energy in a battery. The Atom is for the modern commuter cyclist, the urban biker, the weekend rider, the gadget lover, the green fanatic, and anyone who’s ever needed a charge on the go.

Siva Cycle AtomThe Siva Cycle Atom outputs regulated power up to 5 V and 500 mA. This is equivalent to what you would get from charging through your standard laptop’s USB port. The capacity of the Atom’s removable battery pack is 1300mAh, which gives most smartphones anywhere between 50 percent to 100 percent charge.

With the Atom, you’ll never be far from a charge—one powered with your own two legs, capturing something you were already creating, and putting it somewhere you can use. For those who cycle and use fitness trackers, this would be a no-brainer! Burn some calories and bank some energy that you know you’ll use with your electronics.

Visit and the Siva Cycle Atom Kickstarter page for additional details. If you own a bike that you haven’t ridden for quite some time, back this project. Rekindle that initial joy of riding a bike by creating energy to power the other devices you love!

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