Oh, this is fun. Over on Slashdot, they’re debating compulsory licensing for books, not just music–following a post in the Yale Law Meme. A Slashdot poster writes:

Many compulsory licensing schemes have been proposed to cover music alone, but most of the arguments in favor of a compulsory license for music apply equally as well to other media types. Millions share movies, P2P can’t be stopped, the MPAA hasn’t provided legitimate alternatives for what consumers want, etc. If music should have a compulsory license, why shouldn’t movies, software, ebooks and other media also be covered by compulsory licenses?”

The readers are growing restless. But remember, publishers, your direct participation in TeleRead-style library would be voluntary. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already heard about the Carnegie Reporter article mentioning TeleRead, why not check it out along with some thoughts on the article’s importance?


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