500x_slates_lenovo_archos_9.jpgFor those of you following the iPad release, Gizmodo just published a roundup of tablets (they call them slates) with specs and a comparison chart. Included are the iPad, HP Slate, JooJoo Aotion Ink Adam, Dell Mini 5, Archos 7 Android, Lenovo U1 and Archos 9.

From the website: A quick word about “slates” vs. “tablets”: These are tablets, and it’s a word we prefer. The sad fact is, it’s overused. There’s no way to say “tablet” without including every godawful stylus-based convertible laptop built since 2002. (Thank you, Bill Gates!) And even the new touchscreen tablets come in single-pane and keyboard-equipped laptop styles. So “slate,” good or bad, is the more apt term.


  1. Tablet suggests a solid almost architectural stele. Slate suggests a rewritable blackboard. Pad suggests a gummed stack of disposable sheets. If the cursor is direct touch or tracker the legacy connotations are mute. If the suggestion is multiple media display pad is slightly preferable.

    What term would be ideal for a hand-held e-reader? Probably what I just said.

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