Smashwords today announced a distribution agreement with Page Foundry, a developer of mobile ebook store apps for Android tablets and smart phones.

Below I’ve inserted images of how the app looks, using a test example of Phoenix, a YA fantasy novel by Smashwords author Jennifer Mason-Black, published by  Musa Publishing

This new relationship will lead to distribution at the following four places:

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1.  ASUS:  Asus, a leading manufacturer of netbooks, notebooks and tablets, currently has about 8 million devices here in the US pre-loaded with the Page Foundry ebook store app, all part of their @Vibe media store.  Page Foundry is one of two pre-loaded ebook store apps on the Asus devices.  

2.  WIRELESS OPERATOR:  Page Foundry is powering the ebook store app for a leading pre-paid wireless services operator with 2.5 million smart phone customers (Smashwords authors/publishers will be informed of the wireless operator’s identity in the author/publisher email alert going out today).  Starting this summer, all of this mobile operator’s subscriber phones will ship pre-loaded with the Page Foundry app (previously, subscribers had to manually download the app from the operator’s app store).

3.  VERSENT and INKTERA:  These are two sister e-reader apps, available for download to Android 

devices from Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market).  Versent and Inktera also sell books through their websites at and  Page Foundry set up these two sites as experimental showcases of their platform, though they’ve also started attracting some customers so they plan to continue operating the sites as indepedent ebook retailers.
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Page Foundry plans to add additional mobile operators and device-makers in the months ahead.

Like any new distribution channel, I expect the Page Foundry partnership to start small and then grow over time as their business grows.

As with all new Smashwords distribution partners, all Premium Catalog books will automatically go to Page Foundry unless you opt out, or unless the title is unpublished.  Visit your Dashboard’s Channel Manager to adjust distribution settings.

 Learn more about Page Foundry at


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