Thanks to Mashable for turning me on to the inspirational work of Grant Snider, a U.S. graphic artist who seems to have made it his mission to document every stage of the writing and editorial process in the wittiest detail possible. Writing isn’t the only creative discipline to get the tough love from Incidental Comics, but it certainly gets the most attention.

What writer couldn’t learn from this, for instance, even if they don’t want to admit it:

Grant Snider

And lest readers think they’re forgotten:

Grant SniderFrom the artist’s bio:

“Grant Snider’s interests have changed drastically since he was four years old, with one major exception: drawing. And maybe dinosaurs. Grant started out drawing a daily cartoon for the University of Kansas student newspaper, which led to a weekly strip called ‘Delayed Karma” for the Kansas City Star. He is currently studying orthodontics at the University of Colorado-Denver and hoping that readers of Incidental Comics are easier to entertain than teenagers with braces.”

The secrets of Snider’s understanding of the writer’s mind remains a mystery for now, then. Or perhaps not. After all, sometimes writing is as hard and painful as pulling teeth.


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