I don’t toot my own horn on TeleRead, and as a matter of fact generally don’t even make any comments, because I feel the blog should not be about me.  However, I was going through some old stuff over the weekend and I found someting I had forgotten about and that made me proud.  In an article I wrote about my disagreeing with Mike Shatzkin on his praise of the, then new, agency model I discussed how resale price maintenance, which is exemplified by the agency model, has been relatively recently approved by the Supreme Court, and then I went on to say that despite this:

The publishers are setting up a world without any competition – which only a healty retail market can provide – and I think it’s very sad that our legal system currently allows this.  However, since all the publishers agreed to the same model, at this same time, I think, as a lawyer, that a case could be made to prosecute them for a conspiracy to restrain trade or fix prices. …

This was on June 3, 2010.  I guess I haven’t lost the touch!  Toot, Toot!  


  1. Nice!

    I don’t mind saying, Paul, I think you should express your opinion like that more often, instead of just copying and pasting articles without much else said. I know it takes more time to write such things, but I think what people read this blog for is more than just the news—which they could get elsewhere—but our own opinions and insights. Such as your successful prediction of an antitrust action from almost two years ago.

    Which is why I try to do that for most things I post.