According to Bloomberg, Sony says that sales of its Reader Touch Edition e-book reader have “exceeded expectations”. They are increasing available supply for the holiday shopping season. Even with these exceeded expectations, Amazon’s Kindle still holds 60% of the dedicated-reader market.

“The big shift over from analog to digital is happening in the reading space,” Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading unit, said in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

While this may be true, we reported yesterday that more people still use smartphones, PDAs, and other multi-purpose devices to read e-books at the moment.


  1. Kindle is *estimated* to hold 60% of the ereader market in the *US*, but since Amazon won’t release its sales figures, who really knows?

    In the rest of the world, Sony is still the main player.

    Even in the US, both Sony and B&N are having difficulty meeting demand.

    Please stop reporting opinion as fact – it gets really annoying around here sometimes.

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