Sony Pocket and Touch ereaders available for preorder in the UK

sony_reader_touch-edition.jpgAll of our UK readers will be happy about this. Note that the Daily Edition, the one with wireless, is not going to be available overseas for a while, if ever. Sony refused comment on non-US releases. This is from the ePub Books Blog which is headquartered in the UK:

… the two new Sony Readers (Pocket Edition & Touch Edition) are on pre-order over at Waterstones UK. I fully expected that us Brits would have to wait another year before being able to buy them, but it seems that Sony have done the right thing! …

The costs of the readers over at Waterstones is £179.99 for the Pocket Edition and £249.99 for the Touch Edition. Keeping in form with the PRS-505 prices, these are yet again much more expensive than our U.S. counterparts can get them for; $199 (~£120) and $299 (~£180) respectively

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  1. In my opinion, this whole thing sounds like the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD war, and before that, the Betamax vx. VHS war, technologically speaking. Much as I’d like to get an e-book reader, I think I’ll wait until the war is over–and the prices drop, as they already have for Blu-Ray players.

  2. And WHSmith have undercut them both £160 and £220 –

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