Independent British horror and dark fiction imprint Spectral Press is working on Darkest Terrors: A Best of Dark Terrors compilation of the (rather dark) cream of the Dark Terrors series of UK horror anthologies published by Gollancz from 1996 to 2004 under the editorship of Stephen Jones, now better known as the editor of The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror series. He is rejoined by David A. Sutton for Darkest Terrors, and Spectral has just shared the list of authors for the new volume here.

The Dark Terrors series, subtitled The Gollancz Book of Horror, was always known for the absolutely stellar quality of its contributors, and the compilation looks to have picked off the very best of those. The mouthwatering list of authors includes:

Stephen Baxter
Ray Bradbury
Poppy Z. Brite
Ramsey Campbell
Harlan Ellison
Dennis Etchison
Christopher Fowler
Neil Gaiman
Glen Hirschberg
Gwyneth Jones
Caitlín R. Kiernan
Brian Lumley
Richard Christian Matheson
Michael Marshall Smith
Donald Tumasonis
Lisa Tuttle
Karl Edward Wagner

“They say that from acorns great oaks grow – and the opportunity of publishing this volume shows just how much Spectral has grown in just over four years,” Simon Marshall-Jones, Spectral publisher/editor, told Teleread. “We are absolutely delighted to be issuing this compilation of the highlights from this fantastic series.” Spectral has committed to publish Darkest Terrors on Halloween 2015, with cover art (above) by Les Edwards. I’m trembling already – with anticipation.
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Paul St John Mackintosh is a British poet, writer of dark fiction, and media pro with a love of e-reading. His gadgets range from a $50 Kindle Fire to his trusty Vodafone Smart Grand 6. Paul was educated at public school and Trinity College, Cambridge, but modern technology saved him from the Hugh Grant trap. His acclaimed first poetry collection, The Golden Age, was published in 1997, and reissued on Kindle in 2013, and his second poetry collection, The Musical Box of Wonders, was published in 2011.


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