I’ve never been much of an app freak, but Spotify is one of the few services that seems to nearly always be running on my home laptop. And while I haven’t yet tried out the Spotify app on my new Android phone (it’s also available on Androids tabs, natch), the Verge points out today that the Kindle Fire is the latest addition to the Spotify party:

“Fire owners [now have] access to the standard fleet of Spotify features like offline listening, Facebook integration, and access to the service’s huge catalog of songs—assuming you’re signed up for the $9.99 per month Spotify Premium service. However, users who aren’t will still get access to the unlimited, ad-sponsored radio feature that came to the official Android app last week.”

How about it, readers? Has anyone given Spotify a spin on their Kindle Fire? We’d love to know how it’s working; let us know in the comments.



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