Last week I discovered a new content curation service, Swayy. It’s in beta right now, but at the end of this post, I’m going to give you a code to allow you to try it.

So … what exactly is Swayy, and why should you care?

As you can see from the screenshot, you give Swayy access to your Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts, and it gives you back content based on subject matter categories you select when you sign up for the service. Naturally, I selected Tech and Social Media. Don’t worry. It won’t tweet or post on your behalf, unless you tell it to.

Why use Swayy instead of—or in addition to—other sources of content, like Feedly?

Well, I get my news from Feedly, Flipboard and Twitter, and Swayy has shown me content I hadn’t found through those other sources. For example, on Friday I was looking for something to write about for GadgeTell, and all my other sources had failed me. Swayy pointed out a very cool article on how a certain Glass product could allow the blind to “see.” I don’t know that I would have found it otherwise. That’s not the first time Swayy has offered me articles my other sources hadn’t, and what news junkie doesn’t want as much new content as possible?

Swayy is also designed to help you share with others, and they make it easy.

Not only can you share directly from Swayy, but you can even schedule easily, which is a feature I particularly appreciate because I like to spread my tweets out throughout the day, even though I tend to read in the morning.

Swayy even gives you analytics, for those of you who enjoy that. And not just for content shared through their service. They will also gather information about content you share from Hootsuite or directly from the source.

There’s plenty of other analytics as well, like roundups of links shared and clicked. Plenty to keep just about anyone happy.

Unfortunately, there are no mobile apps , but it does display well on a tablet screen. It looked quite good on my iPad 2 and was usable on my Nexus 7. I’m hoping they have a mobile app in the works.

Want to try it out? No problem. The first 300 readers to use the promo code teleread can sign up and try out the service while it’s still in beta. Just follow this link.

Try it out and let us know what you think.


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