images.jpgA Forbes article says that Best Buy is going to be concentrating on tablets for the holidays:

“Going into the holidays, we will make tablets a focus,” said Shawn Score, the president of Best Buy’s wireless retail unit, Best Buy Mobile, in an interview. “Like e-readers over the last couple years, we think customers will think of Best Buy for tablets and expect us to have the right ones.” … Score declined to specify which tablets Best Buy will carry, but said there will be multiple models. “We will have a great assortment of them,” he said. “It won’t be 32, but it also won’t be one, like we have today.”

We have already seen a glimpse of the Rocketfish (Best Buy house brand) tablet that was shown by their CTO, so it is probably fair to presume it will be one of them. As to the others, we’ll just have to wait and see. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s out there. The iPad is so limited in what it can do for content creation that I would be happy to look at something else.


  1. Looking at the code iPage generates (XML), it should be pretty trivial for Apple to add an “export to ePub” option, which would make the iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard a very interesting device for content creation.

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