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Latest comScore rankings show Android has U.S. smartphone market in its pocket

By Paul St John Mackintosh
November 7, 2014 // 1 Comment

The latest U.S. smartphone market rankings report from mobile comms metrics outfit comScore, Inc., covering September 2014, shows Android in the lead as the dominant smartphone platform “with 52.1 percent platform market share.” Apple, meanwhile, remained “the top smartphone [...]

Where are you spending your tech dollars this holiday season?

By libertyc
November 5, 2012 // 7 Comments

Back in early October, I wrote about the coin jar my Beloved and I keep, which we cash in at the end of the year to buy ourselves a holiday present. Well, now the end of the year is approaching, and I have the fun task of deciding where to spend my share. He estimates we’ll have $300—$400 [...]

Apple iPhone 5 pre-order demand has exceeded the initial supply

By libertyc
September 17, 2012 // 0 Comments

Following up on the recent “blown away” comment from Apple, we finally have have some solid sales numbers. We’ve also got some potentially bad news: Apple has announced that the iPhone 5 pre-orders have topped two million. And just to clarify that point, that was more than two million [...]

Apple iPhone 5 officially announced, launching on September 21st with pre-orders from the 14th

By libertyc
September 12, 2012 // 0 Comments

Image courtesy: As was expected to happen today, Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5. And just to clarify, it seems that most of the rumors surrounding today’s press event, and the various announcements Apple was expected to make, were true. To begin with, the iPhone 5 has a [...] searches spill the beans on what will be announced later today

By libertyc
September 12, 2012 // 3 Comments

By Robert Nelson | for Gadget Tell In what confirms some of the rampant rumors, the website has revealed some of what will be unveiled later today. The results were first discovered by the folks over at 9to5Mac, however they are easy enough to replicate on your own (at least at the [...]

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