Authors United and ABA Call For DOJ Investigation of Amazon

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
July 14, 2015 // 14 Comments

I was going to stay out of this fight. I really was. But two statements are so wrong that I just couldn’t. Okay, context first. Remember Authors United, the group which last year talked about sending a letter to the Department of Justice calling for an investigation of Amazon? You remember. [...]

Apple E-Book Price-Fixing: A look back at the $9.99 boycott

By Alejandro Sanchez
August 17, 2013 // 12 Comments

Reading the latest news, it seems as if the actions taken by Apple in its earlier attempts at price fixing have always been obvious. It may come as a shock to some that this has not always been the case. The events that played out at the beginning of the post-Kindle e-book era have been tumultuous [...]

Apple to Allow Rival E-Book Retailers to Provide Direct Links to Content

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
August 2, 2013 // 5 Comments

I didn’t see this coming, although in hindsight, I should have. The DOJ and 33 state attorney generals just published their proposed remedies in the Apple price fixing case. Most of it was expected: ending existing contracts with retailers and appointing an external monitor to ensure they [...]

Amazon scrapes bottom, sells books cheaply to public, talks to Democrats

By Paul St John Mackintosh
July 29, 2013 // 5 Comments

Just when you thought they could sink no lower, Amazon has added fresh offenses to their litany of crimes. So you’d conclude, at any rate, from the scrupulously impartial, limpidly objective coverage of their head-to-head discounting battle with Overstock in The Bookseller and [...]

DOJ Wraps Up Case Against Apple

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
June 21, 2013 // 4 Comments

The Department of Justice has wrapped up its case against Apple, complete with a 119-count slide deck. If you’re into that sort of thing, it’s worth a look. By the way, although All Things D had the final Apple slide deck as well, it appears to be gone now. If someone can point me to [...]

Is anyone still paying attention to the DOJ/ebook antitrust case?

By Brian Howard
May 18, 2013 // 5 Comments

I guess I’d forgotten. Now that all the the publishing players have settled, abandoning agency pricing and returning to the wholesale slums, the DOJ/e-book antitrust case, which popped up again in everyone’s news feeds this week, feels a little anticlimactic. The DOJ, perhaps simply [...]

Average price of best-selling e-books on the decline

By Susan Lulgjuraj
April 9, 2013 // 4 Comments

E-books seem to be costing consumers less money. Digital Book World tracks the prices of e-books on the best-sellers lists every week. Last week, the news site found e-books on the lists averaged more than $8 a book. After a week where a new publisher (Macmillan) allowed discounted prices, the [...]

Retailers begin discounting Macmillan e-books

By Susan Lulgjuraj
April 5, 2013 // 0 Comments

Retailers are finally discounting Macmillan-published e-books – nearly two months after it settled its Department of Justice’s price fixing case. Prices of e-books have been lowered on sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, according to Publishers Lunch. This includes books such as [...]

Morning Links: Price-fixing, the death of Google Reader, and more

By Joanna Cabot
March 14, 2013 // 0 Comments

Publishers: Go Hybrid! (Future Book) DOJ Price-Fixing Case Has Generated Over 8 Million Pages of Evidence (Publisher’s Weekly) The Killing of Google Reader Highlights Risk of Relying on Single Provider (Techdirt) Self-Publishing Takes Center Stage at San Francisco Writer’s Conference [...]

Amazon Isn't Evil

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
February 21, 2013 // 20 Comments

Yes, you read that headline correctly. When the DOJ lawsuit against the publishers came out last year, it became a lot more about Amazon and their alleged monopolistic practices than it was about the publishers and their alleged collusion. Now three independent bookstores are suing Amazon and the [...]

DOJ Approves Penguin Random House Merger

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
February 14, 2013 // 2 Comments

One hurdle down. Several more to go with the EU, Canadian Competition Bureau and various other antitrust authorities around the world still needing to weigh in on this. Penguin’s settlement with the Justice Department was a move to smooth the way for this merger, and it looks like that move [...]

Inkling Books' Michael W. Perry responds …

By Dan Eldridge
September 14, 2012 // 11 Comments

Michael W. Perry’s political rant about the cause and ramifications of the DoJ price-fixing case definitely touched a nerve this week with a good number of readers. Some of you found Perry’s thought-process and logic to be a bit twisted, while others didn’t think the essay had [...]

Inkling Books' Michael W. Perry on the DoJ's E-Book Price-Fixing Settlement

By a TeleRead Contributor
September 12, 2012 // 28 Comments

By Michael W. Perry Yes, the judge in the Google Book Settlement clearly listened to what writers were saying, particularly [the approximately] 90 percent of them who wrote in opposition to it (including me). This judge seems less open to news from the trenches or the facts of the case. Keep in [...]

How To Understand the DoJ's E-Book Pricing Settlement

By Dan Eldridge
September 11, 2012 // 5 Comments

It’s been my experience that avid readers tend to be the sorts of people who take great pride in their intelligence. And intelligent people, for reasons that are obvious enough, aren’t always forthcoming when they encounter complicated subjects they don’t entirely understand. I [...]

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