Ebook plus

An Ad Model That Might Not Suck?

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
March 4, 2013 // 4 Comments

Last month I wrote about eBookPlus, a startup that wanted to make books free, with ads. To say I wasn’t thrilled would be an understatement. Most of you who commented on the post agreed with me. Forbes had an article today on another startup, HitBliss, that might actually have it right. [...]

eBook Plus Wants to Connect Readers to Authors, End Piracy

By Stanley Goodner
February 15, 2013 // 7 Comments

eBook sales have been skyrocketing since 2011, and the publishing market, of course, has been revolutionized as a result. But as the volume of available e-books grows, so does the consumer piracy of e-books. eBook Plus has been launched with the intention of improving the system. As a platform [...]

E-Books With Advertising?

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
February 13, 2013 // 11 Comments

I just saw this press release from EbookPlus, which wants to make books legally free. Sounds good, right? But wait, there’s more. That’s free, with advertising. eBookPlus.com offers any company the opportunity to create publicity to place in an eBook, whether it is a video, an image or [...]

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