FBI Can Activate Android Microphones, Record Secretly

By Stanley Goodner
August 3, 2013 // 0 Comments

It’s no big secret that the U.S. government can use some extreme methods in order to maintain justice and security for the nation by gathering information on suspects. Even before Snowden leaked all the NSA data, most of us had a pretty decent idea that the U.S. government has always been keeping [...]

FBI releases Child ID App

By libertyc
August 9, 2011 // 2 Comments

This isn’t ebook related, but I mention it as a public service since I know that a lot of our readers have Apple equipment.  Here is the description of the app from the App Store: The free FBI Child ID app provides a convenient place to electronically store photos and vital information about [...]

Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales creates censorship controversy, surrenders editing privileges

By libertyc
May 10, 2010 // 12 Comments

Here’s an interesting story on Making Light, with more details at the “Fandom Wank” blog. Last month, Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia, founder of competing crowd-sourced encyclopedia Citizendium) reported to the FBI that Wikipedia was hosting images that could be considered child [...]

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