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Michael Kozlowski: Traditional publishers are the true price predators

By Chris Meadows
September 29, 2015 // 3 Comments

If someone mentions “predatory pricing” in an e-book context, your first thought is probably Amazon’s $9.99 new-release e-books. Publishers complained that Amazon was using “predatory pricing” to drive competitors out of the market and put pressure on the publishers to lower their asking [...]

Hoopla library media lending service to add e-books

By Chris Meadows
May 27, 2014 // 1 Comment

The problem with most library e-book systems is that there are invariably more patrons who want to check a book out than there are virtual “copies” on the library’s digital shelves. This can lead to patrons sitting on a waiting list until such time as enough people who’ve checked the book [...]

E-Books pit libraries against publishers, free against sales

By Chris Meadows
August 7, 2013 // 8 Comments

A few pieces on the sometimes adversarial relationship between libraries and publishers when it comes to e-books have come to my attention. First, there’s this piece covering Cory Doctorow’s appearance at the American Library Association Conference in Chicago, complete with a four-minute [...]

BEA Panel Suggests Publishers Still Clueless about Library E-Books and Piracy

By Chris Meadows
June 4, 2013 // 0 Comments

Unlike some of our writers, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to attend BookExpo America, so I end up having to learn about it second-hand. But I happened across a blog post that led me to another that led me to some interesting articles, which in turn led me to wonder, are the Big Six (soon [...]

New OverDrive Site Not Meeting User Expectations?

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
January 30, 2013 // 5 Comments

Late last year, OverDrive began rolling out a new look to their site. My own library in Fairfax County had a “New Look Coming” banner up for several weeks. When I tried it out for the first time, my reaction was, “Not great, but I can live with it.” I wasn’t crazy [...]

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