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Bucharest train station uses QR codes to bring e-books into the real world

By Chris Meadows
August 11, 2015 // 1 Comment

Here’s an update on a story we covered last year, about a Romanian company developing a way to display your e-books with digital bookshelf wallpaper. Web Urbanist has some great pictures of the Bucharest train station and its dramatic new wallpaper display listing hundreds of books with QR codes [...]

Why fear Firefly when you can go with the Flow?

By Chris Meadows
June 19, 2014 // 1 Comment

No, not that Firefly. Various sites are referring to the Amazon Fire Phone’s “Firefly” image recognizer as a “built-in showrooming tool.” Which I suppose it is, when you get right down to it. But it’s not as if it’s that much harder for folks to install a “showrooming tool” of [...]

Put your e-books on a shelf with Digital Library Wallpaper

By Chris Meadows
June 4, 2014 // 1 Comment

One of the problems paper bibliophiles often cite in e-books is that you can’t show off your e-book collection on your shelves. It’s all hidden inside a computer. But Engaget reports that Vodaphone Romania has found a clever way around that as part of its own e-book lending program. which it [...]

Borderlands 2 bar code reader app is a clever new use for smartphones

By libertyc
December 13, 2013 // 0 Comments

Here’s an example of a game company doing something pretty clever with mobile technology to increase engagement on its PC game. Gearbox, the wildly creative company behind Borderlands 2, has released a free mobile app for iOS and Android that scans UPC or QR bar codes and associates them with a [...]

Weekend Roundup — Used e-books, QR codes and the Amazon sweatshop

By Dan Eldridge
February 10, 2013 // 3 Comments

                Used Ebooks, the Ridiculous Idea that Could Also Destroy the Publishing Industry (Vice) Hybrid Library: QR Codes Access eBooks in Subway Station (Web Urbanist) Amazon struggling with e-books in China (Seattle Times) Life in an Amazon [...]

Melville House embraces QR codes to connect digital to print

By Chris Walters
August 5, 2011 // 0 Comments

Brooklyn based Melville House Publishing has launched a new program, HybridBooks, that lets a customer scan a QR code printed on the back of a book to access supplemental material in digital format. Here’s a sample of the related content, which it calls “illuminations,” for the [...]

Ubimark publishes Jules Verne book with e-footnotes

By libertyc
June 2, 2010 // 3 Comments

Gizmodo reports that Ubimark has published a special edition of Around the World in 80 Days that includes QR codes that work with a free iPhone app to serve as links to a website for on-line footnotes and discussion. Just point the iPhone at the code, and the link opens on your phone. Print books [...]

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