House first sale doctrine hearing: My points of view

By Chris Meadows
June 4, 2014 // 6 Comments

Well, that was quite a few articles. I hope you at least read my summaries, and they didn’t put you to sleep. I was impressed by the breadth of viewpoints represented in that sample of testimony. We heard from a major publisher, a company and an interest group lobbying for digital resale, a [...]

ReDigi awarded patent on digital resale ‘without making a copy’

By Chris Meadows
January 29, 2014 // 3 Comments

Yesterday I received a press release from ReDigi, the company trying to allow (and monetize) the resale of “used” digital goods such as music or e-books, with an embargo time of, well, right now. The release claims the award of a patent on the technology ReDigi wants to use to enable the resale [...]

German advocacy group sues for consumers’ right to resell Steam games

By Chris Meadows
July 20, 2013 // 0 Comments

Here’s yet another attempt to retrofit first sale rights onto digital media. I’m not sure what the German term for “first sale” is, but Cinema Blend reports that the German organization VZBV has been working hard in the German courts to force Valve to support it for the computer games it [...]

Supreme Court rules importation of textbooks legal under First Sale doctrine

By Chris Meadows
March 19, 2013 // 4 Comments

Remember the Supreme Court case about the Thai exchange student who bulk imported cheap overseas copies of textbooks and resold them in the U.S. (making over $1 million in sales) to finance his doctorate? The judges handed down a decision today. By a six to three majority, they found that the [...]

Library advocates, used merchandise vendors lobby for digital ownership rights

By Chris Meadows
November 13, 2012 // 3 Comments

In his Copyright and Technology Blog, Bill Rosenblatt has an interesting column looking at the Owners’ Rights Initiative, a lobbying coalition of interested parties who have united under the slogan “you bought it, you own it,” seeking to promote the right to resell digital property. The group [...]

European court rules used software sales legal—even for downloaded titles

By Chris Meadows
July 3, 2012 // 2 Comments

Here’s an interesting software ruling out of European courts that might have implications for digital music and e-book resale. The Wall Street Journal reports that Oracle sued a German software company, UsedSoft, that buys up and resells used software licenses from American companies. In that [...]

ReDigi begins buying ‘used’ digital music

By Chris Meadows
October 15, 2011 // 2 Comments

TechCrunch reports that digital music resale firm ReDigi, who I mentioned back in February, is actually launching its eMarketplace to allow people to buy and sell “pre-owned” digital music. ReDigi claims that it has consulted with lawyers and determined what it’s doing is legal, but I’m not [...]

Digital déjà vu: ReDigi pledges to allow resale of ‘used’ MP3s

By Chris Meadows
February 27, 2011 // 1 Comment

Here we go again. ReadWriteWeb reports on ReDigi, a new startup that plans to allow people to resell their pre-owned digital music. This is an idea whose time has come…and gone, and come and gone again, without ever getting any farther than being an idea. Of course, digital media can’t really [...]

Where Mike Shatzkin misses the point on e-book sales vs licensing

By Chris Meadows
February 14, 2011 // 29 Comments

Mike Shatzkin’s latest blog piece is on the license vs. sale conundrum of e-books. He points out that e-book sales are actually not sales but licenses—which most TeleReaders know already, but a lot of average e-book consumers don’t. Most people think when they buy an e-book, they are buying [...]

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