Sweet Valley High

Novelist claims Amazon search result tied to publisher bribes

By Chris Meadows
March 4, 2014 // 1 Comment

Salon Magazine has never made any secret that it leans strongly against Amazon, and it’s found yet another silly reason to pile onto the bandwagon with this complaint from novelist Stephan Eirik Clark. Because Amazon’s search algorithms are “for sale,” he concludes, Amazon “buried my [...]

Nostalgia Publishing—Can it Pay?

By Joanna Cabot
November 15, 2012 // 3 Comments

From Paid Content’s Laura Hazard Owen comes this story about Scholastic Books and their upcoming re-release—in e-book form—of the hit 80’s series “The Babysitters Club.” What makes this story interesting is that the first seven books are, in fact, already available as [...]

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