My Kindle Fire just arrived!

By Paul St John Mackintosh
October 8, 2015 // 1 Comment

Yes, the moment I’ve all been waiting for: My spanking new Kindle Fire just stepped off the mail from the UK. All in one piece and doing just fine. I’ll give you some more feedback and user reports as soon as I’ve had a chance to do more than woot. (And that’s woot: not [...]

Noteslate Shiro now on pre-order – but should you?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
October 4, 2015 // 1 Comment

Noteslate has just released information for pre-ordering its unique Shiro tablet, or rather, slate. Under the tagline “Pencil and Paper. Redefined,” Noteslate seeks “to bring handwriting back to humankind” with the Shiro, whose “monochrome handwriting interface” [...]

What to do with an old tablet?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
October 4, 2015 // 3 Comments

With the news that Android M Marshmallow won’t be released for the aging Nexus 7 2012 tablet, my own Nexus is now staring obsolescence in the face. It’s been semi-retired for a while anyway, ever since I invested in my smaller, lighter, faster Lenovo A7-10. And in any case, it kind of [...]

What tablet ereading solution in your kitchen?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
October 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

When even Ikea gets in on the act, you know you’re witnessing a big shift in consumer behavior. And in the Rimforsa design series in its “Kitchen & appliances” department, alongside the knife holders and chopping boards, we now have the Rimforsa tablet stand, in sturdy bamboo, [...]

Are you asking the wrong question about the Kindle Fire 7?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
September 23, 2015 // 1 Comment

A lot of the peripheral commentary on the debut of the new Kindle Fire lineup, especially the ultra-cheap Kindle Fire 7, is revolving around whether Amazon can make any money off it. After all, $49.99, right? But is that question simply a no-brainer? The Motley Fool has just run an article, [...]

Tablets may be good for toddlers if used in the right way, say researchers

By Chris Meadows
September 21, 2015 // 0 Comments

Do tablets and toddlers mix? It’s a question that has been much on the minds of parents as touchscreens grow more ubiquitous. The conventional wisdom has been no—that exposing kids to screens too early can disrupt their proper development. However, there actually hasn’t been all that much [...]

Book companion apps for phones, not just reformatting?

By Joe Wikert
September 18, 2015 // 1 Comment

Scan today’s news and you’ll undoubtedly see plenty of stories about how the majority of content is being consumed on mobile devices. In fact, you’ll probably use your own mobile device when you do that scan. Like many of you, I read all my books on a tablet and most of my short-form content [...]

$50 tablet from Amazon ships September 30

By David Rothman
September 17, 2015 // 2 Comments

A $50 tablet from Amazon is shipping September 30, and the mystery of the operating system is solved for this and related new models. Amazon is still going the proprietary route but has apparently made radical changes. Also noteworthy is the inclusion of an SD card slot. The Release: “The new [...]

Eternal life for rechargeable batteries?

By David Rothman
August 19, 2015 // 0 Comments

That’s what MIT and Samsung are together aiming for. No, you would not recharge your iPad once and be done with it forever. But if MIT and Samsung succeed, your tablet or phone wouldn’t retain less and less juice as it aged. You’d always get a full charge. Good news for cash-strapped [...]

Stellar e-reader and Netflix viewer: 10.5″ 32GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S

By David Rothman
August 3, 2015 // 2 Comments

It’s too late to buy a 10.5” 32GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S refurb for $330 from A4C, but a restock may be coming, and you can also look elsewhere. I know this one’s good, because I own the same model myself. The 10.5”  screen of 2,560 x 1600 pixels can do justice to anything from Moon+ [...]

Toddler Tablet Time Bad? Maybe Not

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
July 22, 2015 // 1 Comment

Gizmodo had a fascinating article yesterday on tablet time for toddlers and whether limiting their time was actually a good idea. Tablet time and TV time are often lumped together as screen time, but the article makes the point that while TV time is passive, tablet time often isn’t. She talks [...]

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