Of technology and word-of-mouth

By Chris Meadows
August 5, 2015 // 1 Comment

Publishing Perspectives is carrying what looks at first like a think piece addressing the dichotomy of how to address the issue of word-of-mouth recommendations in a technologically-driven world. Well, it looks like that from the headline, at least. It turns out the post itself is basically just an [...]

The Battle Over Digital Assets

By Joanna Cabot
February 13, 2015 // 2 Comments

GigaOM has a great write-up about Facebook’s new ‘legacy contact’ feature, a new settings preference for American users which lets you designate a person who can access your account to perform certain functions in the event of your death. It seems like a benign thing, but as the [...]

NVIDIA goes up to 11 for mobile with Tegra X1 superchip

By Paul St John Mackintosh
January 5, 2015 // 0 Comments

Not content with owning the innards of many name-brand Android tablets and other digital devices, NVIDIA has just raised its mobile processor game a notch or few more, using the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 as the platform to debut is new Tegra X1 “superchip.” NVIDIA describes this as [...]

Five things my mother had which I don’t

By Joanna Cabot
September 18, 2014 // 0 Comments

I’m back to school now, and as usual I spent some of my summer vacation time ‘spring cleaning.’ I always feel like since I am not working and the Beloved is, I need to have something to show for my day, so I clean like a fiend. And I have been busily working some family heirlooms [...]

Lego Mindstorms: How not to do technology in the classroom

By Joanna Cabot
September 4, 2014 // 2 Comments

It pains me to write this, because I love the LEGO people so much. But I’ve wasted two hours of my life in possibly the worst teacher training I have ever attended, and I feel like all those pundits who wonder why teachers don’t use eBooks and apps and iPads better in the classroom [...]

Why aren’t more teachers using technology in education?

By Joanna Cabot
August 15, 2014 // 0 Comments

The excellent blog Teachers with Apps has a thought-provoking write-up on the timeless and eternal question of why teachers don’t use technology in education better. The reasons they list, pulled from an Education Week survey, are varied, and true to my own experience: lack of time, lack of [...]

Technology Innovation for Smart Publishing comes too late?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
July 30, 2014 // 0 Comments

According to an announcement made on the London Book Fair website some months after the latter’s closure, “The TISP network (Technology Innovation for Smart Publishing), the European project coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association which gathers 25 organizations from 12 [...]

Does publishing have a coolness problem?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
July 3, 2014 // 6 Comments

Over six months after the International Publishers Association concluded that publishing has an image problem, UK peers at the London Book Fair have been wondering “Is publishing cool anymore?” and bemoaning the tendency of the tech companies to steal all the brightest people. For the [...]

Morning Roundup: Thinking while listening to audiobooks, More gadgets, less energy?

By Joanna Cabot
June 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

Things I Think About While Listening to Audiobooks (Book Riot) I’m not the only one with audiobook questions, I can’t be, because so many of us listen to audiobooks, and some other people must have questions too? Do you share my questions? What are yours? *** Content was What was Holding Back [...]

Education, Back to Basics Style?

By Joanna Cabot
June 12, 2014 // 1 Comment

I’ve posted a lot of articles this year about technology in education—my own school has iPads, MacBooks, SMARTboards and other gadgets, all of which we have a mandate to use as often as possible and integrate into our lessons. I have written at length about the difficulties we have [...]

Transhumanism and eReading technologies

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
May 8, 2014 // 1 Comment

Okay, I’ll admit I’d never heard the term transhumanism until today, but, as a fan of cyberpunk, I got it as soon as it was explained to me by Matt Hayler, a teaching fellow at Exeter University. (Seriously, follow the link and check out his Twitter icon. Way cool!) Okay, so what is [...]

Morning Roundup: Fight for libraries, Amazon book categories and more

By Joanna Cabot
April 7, 2014 // 0 Comments

How Thin, Flexible Electronics will Revolutionize Everything from User Interfaces to Packaging (GigaOM) Thin is in, as always, but recent breakthroughs in printed and flexible electronics herald a whole new age of gadgets, imaging devices and user interfaces. *** Getting Inside Amazon’s [...]

Morning Roundup: Everyone wants Netflix for books. Make time for tech in the classroom and more

By Joanna Cabot
March 18, 2014 // 0 Comments

Tips to Make Time for Tech in the Classroom (Teachers with Apps) Make time for TECH? How? I can barely get off the computer doing mundane chore after chore. Where is the time for meaningful planning and execution of lessons? *** Everybody Wants a Netflix for Books (The Scholarly Kitchen) I will [...]

A digital game plan for education is sorely needed

By Joanna Cabot
March 5, 2014 // 1 Comment

In today’s Morning Links, there was a wonderful article from The Digital Shift, which reported on a recent conference at which educators and school administrators explored technology. The comments from participants highlighted many of the issues I myself have written about on this blog [...]

The Advantage of the Walled Garden

By Joanna Cabot
February 4, 2014 // 10 Comments

This article from GoodeReader, via today’s Morning Links, highlights an important advantage to the walled garden approach: stability. The issue is that with the reliance on other products, company’s services can be eliminated or changed at the whim of product changes beyond your control. In [...]

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