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Authors Guild President deplores free blogging—but where is the paid blogging?

By Chris Meadows
May 27, 2015 // 2 Comments

Last week, The Bookseller carried an interview with Authors Guild President Roxana Robinson warning that writers should not contribute free work to popular websites in order to gain “exposure.” Robinson holds that that by doing so they are devaluing the efforts of those who write for pay, and [...]

Thanks to Sue Grafton's elitist attitude, indie authors are fighting back

By libertyc
July 22, 2013 // 17 Comments

It’s time self-published authors fight back. They’ve heard the talk for years: self-publishing doesn’t make you a ‘real’ author; it means you’re not serious; it means you’re not good enough. Some of these comments have come from literary agents and even mainstream authors. And at [...]

Has the public perception of self-publishing finally changed?

By libertyc
February 11, 2013 // 5 Comments

Self-publishing a book can come with pre-conceived notions from readers, other writers and even publishers. People used to think self-publishing a book meant it wasn’t good enough to get picked up by traditional houses. However, the stigma of self-publishing is changing. Success stories have [...]

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