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Which iPad Mini Rumor To Believe? Maybe Both

By Juli Monroe
August 1, 2013 // 0 Comments

I love watching dueling rumors. We’ll see an iPad mini with Retina display before the end of the year. No, we’ll see one more mini with the normal display, but a faster processor. Actually, what’s interesting about these two articles is that, if you dig a bit deeper and pay attention, they [ on]

Want to run Android apps on your PC? No problem!

By Dan Eldridge
January 25, 2013 // 6 Comments

OK, folks—this is something seriously cool. Over at The Next Web (and Liliputing, and probably a million other tech-obsessed sites and blogs by the end of the day), there’s a recently-published post about a new app known as WindowsAndroid that actually allows you to run an Android [ on]

Morning Roundup — Stories you may have missed

By Dan Eldridge
December 8, 2012 // 0 Comments

Kim Dotcom posts screenshots of upcoming Mega site (The Next Web) The End of Money: Selling e-books on Twitter (The Next Web) Special Report: Amazon’s billion-dollar tax shield (Reuters) Tech industry history could inform bookstores’ road to recovery (O’Reilly’s TOC) Kindle [ on]

Are Apple and Google Considering a Truce?

By Dan Eldridge
September 2, 2012 // 1 Comment

From the Never-Ending Rumor Mill Department this afternoon comes the story of an anonymously-sourced article that appeared in last Thursday’s edition of the San Jose Mercury-News. The story, which also ran in the Guardian and numerous other print and online publications, suggests that [ on]

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