Scribd adds publisher Wiley and the “For Dummies” books to the service

By Juli Monroe, TeleRead
April 30, 2014 // 2 Comments

Scribd has just announced a partnership with Wiley to bring reference works, including the popular “For Dummies” series to the subscription service. According to the release, this adds 1,000 of Wiley’s books to the service. I think this adds quite a bit of value to Scribd and [...]

Weekend Roundup: 10 Literary Restaurants for Hungry Book Nerds Around the World

By Dan Eldridge
June 22, 2013 // 0 Comments

10 Literary Restaurants for Hungry Book Nerds Around the World (Flavorwire) What’s even better than drinking while reading? Eating while reading, of course (hint: you can have a drink, too). — This column will change your life: what’s so wrong about giving up on a book? (The [...]

Arthur Frommer reacquires his guidebook brand from Google

By Dan Eldridge
April 4, 2013 // 2 Comments

According to an Associated Press report that was filed less than three hours ago today, the travel publishing pioneer Arthur Frommer “said Wednesday that he has reacquired rights to his travel guidebook brand from Google, and that he intends to resume publishing Frommer guidebooks.” [...]

Google kills its Frommer's division, and the travel guidebook industry takes another step towards obscurity

By Dan Eldridge
March 22, 2013 // 3 Comments

I actually made a private pact with myself yesterday that we wouldn’t run any more Google stories on TeleRead, at least for a few days. Over the past couple weeks, it almost feels as if the site has morphed into something of a Google wire service. But then Joanna Cabot filed her daily [...]

What does the SCOTUS' Wiley v. Kirtsaeng decision mean for books, publishing?

By Brian Howard
March 21, 2013 // 3 Comments

By now you’ve likely heard that the Supreme Court has ruled, in a 6-3 decision, in favor of immigrant scientist Supap Kirtsaeng in Kirtsaeng V. Wiley. In what’s being heralded as a win for consumers and libraries, and a loss for publishers, the SCOTUS overturned a previous ruling [...]

Morning Links: Amazon promises faster royalty payments

By libertyc
March 19, 2013 // 0 Comments

Nearly One-Third of US Adults Have Abandoned a News Outlet Due to Dissatisfaction (Poynter) Wiley Launches Digital Classroom, Video and eBook Learning Site (Digital Book World) ABA Announces Celebrate with Indies Program (Good e-Reader) Amazon Publishing Promises Authors Faster Royalty Payments [...]

Reference Apps: features article in Booklist, by Sue Polanka

By libertyc
January 11, 2012 // 0 Comments

The January 1, 2012 issue of Booklist features Sue Polanka’s Off The Shelf column on reference apps.  Titled, “Reference- I’ve got an App for That,” the article highlights iOS and Android apps from 7 reference publishers.  Here is an excerpt and list of reference publishers included: [...]

Wiley-Blackwell Begins Roll-Out of Mobile Apps for Selected Health Publications

By libertyc
December 20, 2010 // 0 Comments

From a Wiley-Blackwell News Release: Wiley-Blackwell is launching new mobile applications for selected health science journals, accessible via iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, PalmOS, and WAP devices. The applications, which will be freely available, will allow for the mobile delivery of title [...]

Peter Booth Wiley to Lecture on Early American Publishing NYC’s Grolier Club

By libertyc
November 5, 2010 // 0 Comments

This isn’t ebook related, but it looks like a fascinating evening for any book lover, e or p, in the NY area. From the press release: Peter Booth Wiley, Chairman of the Board of Directors of John Wiley & Sons, Inc, will provide a look at the early American publishing business in a [...]

Wiley Online Library launches

By libertyc
August 9, 2010 // 0 Comments

From the press release: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (NYSE: JWa, JWb) announced the launch of Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com), which will connect the global scholarly community to one of the world’s most extensive multidisciplinary collections of online resources. Wiley Online [...]

Quick Note: Wiley goes to Baker & Taylor for print on demand

By libertyc
March 31, 2010 // 0 Comments

John Wiley & Sons had signed an agreement with Baker & Taylor’s TextStream Digital Print Service to do print on demand. Wiley’s backlist titles will now be available to both library and retail customers. The backlist will cover subjects such as business, education, health [...]

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