Morning Links: Books in decline. Or maybe not? Depends on who you read.

books in declineU.S. Bookstores Decline by 1.3% in 2013 (GoodeReader)
The bookselling industry in the United States declined by 1.5% in 2013 and fell 0.5% in December alone.

20 Authors Share Tips for Writing Love Scenes (GalleyCat)
For those who are crafting fictional romance stories, we’ve collected 20 tips on how to write love scenes.

Hugh Howey’s Revolution (Futurebook)
Yet, if anything, Howey is looking at a smaller corner of a much smaller picture. To borrow from his own analogy, it’s as if the Cookie Council decided only cookies bought from one particular shop were relevant to its global report, recorded only sales of the chocolate chip variety, and from that extrapolated tooth-decay rates across an entire nation.

The Book Industry Isn’t Dying, It’s Thriving with an eBook Assist (Yahoo! Finance)
Actually, book sales have risen strongly since 2008, not coincidentally since ebooks came on the scene. There’s more than ever to read — thus people are reading more than ever.

Kindle Daily Deals: Books in honor of President’s Day (and others)

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