Morning Links: Self-publishing is going to get bigger. Using samples for discoverability and more

self-publishingThe Business Rusch: Samples (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
I write a lot of short stories. I love them, which is one reason I write them. I also write short stories as a means to world-build my novels.

Transformative or just taking? Lawyers struggle to define fair use in wake of Google Books case (GigaOM)
The idea of “fair use” provides a critical exception to copyright law for artists, journalists and others. Increasingly, courts are asking if the new use is “transformative” – does this make sense?

Self-Publishing is Just Going to Get Bigger, Embrace it (Brave New World)
Some claim that by 2020 50% of all eBooks will be self-published. We would question that and suggest that it is probably a huge understatement and the figure is more likely to be 75%.

Amazon Publishing Has Expanded Into Germany (GalleyCat)
Amazon Publishing has introduced a new German-language publishing program. Amazon Publishing’s European team will begin acquiring and publishing German-language fiction for both print and digital.

Kindle Daily Deals: Flora (and others)

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