Morning Roundup: The $23,000 t-shirt. Best books about writing and more

writingBest Books About Writing (Book Riot)
Sure, the novels that stopped my heart dead on the page, or made me laugh out loud inappropriately in the library certainly influenced me, but there were books about writing that I drank in and felt refreshed by, and knew that one day, they’d prove useful. Here are some of my favourites.

The $23,000 T-shirt: Teaching Copyright in Today’s Social Media Culture (Media Shift)
How much is a T-shirt or a tweet worth? Two copyright cases, separated by nearly 30 years, should reinforce our need as educators to teach copyright as a practical matter as much as a conceptual one.

Book of Funny Encounters Between Librarians and Patrons (Boing Boing)
Gina Sheridan’s I Work at a Public Library is a collection of true, weird experiences that public librarians have had with patrons.

Wunderlist Becomes a Platform, Aims to Become Home of All the World’s Lists (GigaOM)
Wunderlist 3 is a faster, slicker, more collaboration-friendly iteration of the popular productivity app. But it’s also the first step in a strategic shift for Berlin’s 6Wunderkinder.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Art of Falling (and others)

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