Morning Roundup: Amazon warehouse problem. Cozy reading nooks and more

amazon warehouse problemThe Amazon Warehouse Problem (Book Riot)
I’m not calling on a ban for buying books online (Yes, Powells uses these kinds of warehouses too, they talk about it in the tail end of the Radiolab piece if you give it a listen) but I am now much less comfortable with the idea of buying books online and it give me just another reason to be eeked out by the Dark Lord Amazon.

Project Gutenberg’s Self-Pub Portal is Going Strong (The Digital Reader)
Project Gutenberg is best know for digitizing and distributing public domain ebooks, but that’s not they do. I was reminded today about PG’s self publishing portal, and since it hasn’t gotten much attention since it launched I thought it worth another look.

10 Cozy Reading Nooks (Design*Sponge)
I thought it would be fun to find some inspiration for creating cozy nooks at home.

The L.A. Times Reveals 2013 Book Prize Finalists (GalleyCat)
John Grisham, “Robert Galbraith” (aka J.K. Rowling), Doris Kearns Goodwin, A. Scott Berg, Joe Sacco, Percival Everett, Claire Messud, Rainbow Rowell, Alan Weisman, and Gene Luen Yang are among the finalists for The Los Angeles Times’ 2013 Book Prize.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Butterfly Sister (and others)

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  1. Have none of these people writing about the Amazon warehouse problem never worked a blue collar job? Have they never spent any summers picking berries, sexing spinach plants or baling hay? Working at a vegetable cannery? Worked as a fish processor? With the exception of the fish processor, I’ll bet Amazon pays a lot better than the others I mentioned and I expect the physical working conditions are generally better too.

    In an effort to make these writers happy, I resolve to buy all my books in digital format. Oh wait, would that mean that there just might be a reduction in the number of these warehouse jobs? What do I do?

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