Morning Roundup: Overstock puts on the gloves; The Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library hits the road; and more


Morgan Stanley Analyst Looks at Amazon Kindle eReader Sales (Good e-Reader)
It is no secret that Amazon keeps all sales data private and never divulges sales data on Kindle Fire and e-Readers. An analyst from Morgan Stanley is trying to crack the code and has some fairly interesting data.

Outsourcing Journalism 101—NewsU’s Experiment Falters, but Signals a Change (Mediashift)
Most journalism professors are probably familiar with the Poynter Institute’s News University, an online training ground of webinars and self-directed courses for media professionals and students. In fact, if they’re like me they incorporate free modules like The Lead Lab and The Be a Reporter Game into their classes. And why not? They are a handy supplement to any Intro to Journalism course.

Overstock Says it Will Permanently Match Amazon’s Print Book Prices (GigaOM)
Internet retailer says it will permanently match Amazon’s prices on print books.

Bookmobile + Picasso = Amazing (Book Riot)
Say you’re the people behind the Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library. You’ve recently founded a community-building subscription library in Houston. You’ve rescued a bookmobile from an ignominious end in Ohio and brought it back to Texas to house your library, which you’ve named after a character from a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

Kindle Daily Deals: Today only, four novels in the Triple Threat suspense series for $1.99 ea.

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