Morning Roundup: Audies-Oscars of audiobook world? Tour an Amazon fulfillment center

audiesWhat Makes a Good App Great? (Teachers with Apps)
This past week I had the pleasure of coming across a sensational new app and it got me thinking about what does an app need to make it an exceptional educational experience.

How the Audies Literally Turned Into the Oscars of the Audiobook World (Book Riot)
By choosing three non-narrators for an honor as “prestigious” as “Audiobook of the Year,” the Audies are really doing a great disservice to all the professionals out there that have done phenomenal work in the last year.

Tour an Amazon Fulfillment Centre (Amazon)
See what happens after you click buy.

Encyclopedia Brittanica to Distribute Kids eBook Titles (GoodeReader)
Encyclopedia Britannica has just signed a distribution agreement with Indian childrens publisher Katha.

Kindle Daily Deals: English Creek (and others)

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