Morning Roundup: Author rejects award. Women who write horror and more

women who write horror

Author Mary Shelley

Author Rejects Award Due to Amazon Backing (GoodeReader)
The ultimate in low class and poor breeding has occurred in the book world as an author turned down a major award due to its association with Amazon. UK-based children’s book author Allan Ahlberg declined the Booktrust Best Book Awards‘ Lifetime Achievement Award because the £5,000 prize money had been donated by Amazon.

Horror and the Women Who Write It (Book Riot)
I started to delve into the online world of horror writers and horror writing forums. In my attempts to join that community, I started to realize that horror writing, despite the presence of female writers in the genre from Mary Shelley to Shirley Jackson to Anne Rice and many others, was still a bit of a boy’s club, specifically a white, middle-aged, middle class boy’s club.

College Students Still Prefer Print Textbooks (PW)
Last winter, Hewlett Packard conducted a 10-minute online survey at the San Jose State University (SJSU) to measure student preference for e-textbooks and printed version. A total of 527 students were involved in this survey.

Are Books Merely a Form of Physical Decoration? (Brave New World)
Some will say we are party poopers and that we should applaud and celebration the British Museum’s novel use of the book to create art, but is the ‘wheel of books’ just a cheap gimmick or we should we be mindful of what could be easily copied?

Kindle Daily Deal: No Rest for the Dead (and others)

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