Morning Roundup: Competing offer aimed at Amazon Prime members, Zuckerberg pissed at NSA surveillance and more

amazon primeAmazon Rival Shoprunner Offers Free Shipping for a Year to Ex-Amazon Prime Members (The Digital Reader)
This shipping service, which offers free two-day shipping across 85 retail sites including GNC, PetSmart, Neiman Marcus, and Toys R Us, launched a new offer today that is available only to Amazon Prime members.

Rick Anderson at the Smithsonian: “Is a Rational Discussion of Open Access Possible?” (Scholarly Kitchen)
I decided to focus on the issue that has been troubling me most lately: why is it so hard to have conversations about OA that don’t devolve into shouting matches and accusations of bad faith?

How to Renovate a Classic Library (Book Riot)
There has been quite a stir recently about the proposed renovation of the main branch of the New York Public Library. It’s a radical and fantastically expensive project that has many patrons, some of them quite high profile, asking the library’s board to reconsider.

Mark Zuckerberg Says The US Has Become A Threat To, Rather Than A Champion For, The Internet (Techdirt)
Better late than never: it appears that Mark Zuckberberg is finally really pissed off about the NSA surveillance efforts.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Tenth Circle (and others)

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