Morning Roundup: Copyright wars harmed privacy. Reading Rainbow nearly 5M on Kickstarter

reading rainbowAmazon Promotes Hachette Title as “Best Book of the Month”, Won’t Let You Pre-Order it (The Digital Reader)
Publishers Lunch noticed this morning that one of Amazon recommended titles for the month of July can’t actually be bought from Amazon.

Nobody Cares About the Future of the Internet (Boing Boing)
Julia “Law Comics” Powles attended last week’s ICANN meeting in London, an event that attracted less media attention than the launch of mobile app “Yo,” but which was the setting for discussions that will shape the future that we and our children and grandchildren will inhabit. Powles has seen the writing on the wall, and it’s grim.

How the Copyright Wars Have Harmed Privacy and a Free Press (Techdirt)
The simple fact is that the fight to protect one business model (out of many possible business models) for the entertainment industry, has clearly had a pretty big negative impact on the development of new tools and services that would lead to greater privacy and security (and a more functioning free press).

Reading Rainbow to Nearly 5M on Kickstarter (Digital Book World)
LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow crowdfunding campaign is now in the top five most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, and receiving the latest round of support from unexpected sources – the top four highest earning campaigns ever.

Note: As of the publication of this post, the campaign has actually passed $5M!

Kindle Daily Deals: In the Land of the Long, White Cloud Saga (and others)

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