Morning Roundup: E Ink revenues declining. Amazing Stories relaunching and more

einkE Ink Expects Revenues to Drop Next Quarter (The Digital Reader)
With tablet sales up year after year, ebook reader sales have been declining, much to the dismay of E Ink. This screen manufacturer is predicting that their revenues will decrease over this quarter and the next as a result of seasonal drops in ereader sales.

Why eReaders Are Not Innovative Anymore (GoodeReader)
The constant innovation was directly attributed to the sheer amount of e-readers shipped between 2010 and 2012. Why the lack of innovation? e Ink, the largest company devoted to e-paper screen technology has become complacent.

Amazing Stories Relaunches on April 1 (Boing Boing)
A new publisher has re-re-launched Amazing Stories, the very first science fiction magazine, founded 88 years ago by Hugo Gernsback.

4 Questions to Ask Before Self-Publishing (Digital Book World)
Self-publishing opens up a world of opportunities for novelists. But as in independent author, how do you know your book is ready for prime time? Use this quick checklist of questions to see if your fictional story is ready for self publishing.

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