Morning Roundup: Humble Bundle to sell digital comics. Evolving system for journals publishing

humble bundleThe Evolving System for Journals Publishing (The Scholarly Kitchen)
Although the temptation to find fixed points and stark contrasts is great (subscriptions vs. OA publishing, for-profits vs. not-for-profits), the fact is that the environment is pluralistic and fluid–and always has been.

Review of the Storybird Kids Reading Service (GoodeReader)
Today we look at one of the best e-reading websites for your child, Storybird. This is a free innovative service that allows you to read thousands of books for free and whose core audience ranges from 6 to 14.

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day (GalleyCat)
Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, in which comic book shops across North America are giving away free comic books.

Humble Bundle to Sell Digital Comics in Pay-What-You-Want Model (Digital Book World)
Humble Bundle has teamed up with mega-publisher Image Comics to launch the Humble Image Comics Bundle today, offering up digital editions of nine New York Times bestselling, Eisner award-winning comic books starting at as little as one cent.

Kindle Daily Deals: 20 Kindle Books (and others)

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