Morning Roundup: How do you know public domain is in trouble? Author resale rights and more

public domainHow Do You Know The Public Domain Is In Trouble? It Requires A 52-Page Handbook To Determine If Something Is Public Domain (Techdirt)
It’s actually quite handy in many ways, but it still seems… wrong that the public domain should ever need a 52-page handbook just to figure out if a work is or is not actually in the public domain.

Author Resale Rights Rears Its Ugly Head in UK (The Digital Reader)
A bad idea from the art world has just cropped on in the book industry.

A Writing Lifestyle Book is Featured on Kickstarter (GalleyCat)
The Egertons have written down their thoughts and tips on writing and living a creative lifestyle. Readers will find essays and exercises throughout the book.

Irony: How Amazon is Helping Small Bookstores
Once upon a time, there were lots of small independent bookstores and many, many publishers. I worked for a great little bookstore in Boston way back in 1980.

Then along came the Internet and Amazon.

Kindle Daily Deals: Fortunate Son and more

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