Morning Roundup: Library ebook lending lags the US. Managing your library in Play Books

Google Play BooksHear, See and Speak – No Used eBooks? (Brave New World)
The somewhat throwaway line that caught our attention was that, ‘there is no secondary market ebooks cannot be resold as used books.’ With the revelations earlier this year about Amazon’s used ebook patent, we know that it has had its eye on this opportunity, but that the first sale doctrine is maybe a battle too far today.

Google Play Books 101: Managing Your Library (Android Central)
Google’s actually made it pretty easy to manage your library. You can buy and save new books to your device. Play Books also provides a way to remove books from your device, which is particularly useful if you want to free up some storage space, and you can still read books with an Internet connection if you do this. If you don’t like a book, you can completely delete it from your library instead.

Report: Library eBook Lending Lags the US in Much of the World (The Digital Reader)
Released last week, the IFLA 2014 eLending Background Paper offers a detailed look at the state of library ebook collections around the world.

84% of Publishers Plan to Make eBooks in 2014 (GoodeReader)
The survey results highlight many of the concerns that publishers have with going digital. It takes about what online bookstore people have the most success with and what formats are most popular.

Kindle Daily Deals: Behind Closed Doors (and others)

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