Morning Roundup: Piracy in Europe, Amazon vs. book publishers and more

piracyThe Disruption of Education (Teachers with Apps)
If we take into account that this disruption will have a technological starting point, we can see what is happening in relation to schools and education in general.

Amazon vs. Book Publishers, By the Numbers (Forbes)
Let’s ignore the overheated rhetoric for the moment and focus on the raw data.

That’s a Lot of Pirating: 68% of Europeans Download or Stream Movies for Free (GigaOM)
A study from the European Commission finds huge numbers of people streaming and downloading movies for free.

eBooks Power Hachette to Strong 2013 Finish (Digital Book World)
Hachette Book Group closed last year on an upswing, thanks in part to a boost from expanding digital sales.

Kindle Daily Deals: Buying In (and others)

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