Morning Roundup: Piracy, saviour of book industry? eBook fans demand print and more

piracyPiracy, Saviour of the Book Industry (Forbes)
Piracy’s here. It’s staying. We can’t stop it. So we need to find inventive and attractive ways to work around it.

eBook Fans Demand Print (GoodeReader)
In a turn of events that even the publisher didn’t see coming, fans of author Colleen Hoover’s work–calling themselves the CoHorts–launched a Twitter campaign, petition, and general ruckus to have one of the author’s works made available in print.

Fair Use Is About Much More Than Remixing: It’s About Allowing All Kinds Of Innovation (Techdirt)
On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held yet another hearing concerning copyright and possible copyright reform, this time, focusing on fair use.

Not Just Environment & Health: The Canadian Government Attacks Libraries from 12 Ministries (Boing Boing)
In all, the Harper government has demolished the library collections of twelve ministries…

Kindle Daily Deals: The Madonnas of Leningrad (and others)

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