Morning Roundup: Print vs. digital comprehension. Comics after Amazon-Comixology

comiXologyAmazon, Hachette, Russia, Israel…(Sigh)… (Publerati)
The future of publishing lies within this overall pricing challenge. The audience for hardcover fiction is shrinking, not growing, so the publisher needs to get as much out of that shrinking group of purchasers as possible.

Ukrainian Law Would Allow Authorities to Block Websites, Along with Other Media (GigaOM)
The draft law was waved through its first reading in the Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday, raising fears of censorship without safeguards.

Surveying Digital Comics after Amazon-Comixology (PW)
It’s been a time of upheaval in the digital comics landscape. Amazon’s still recent purchase of Comixology continues to make waves.

Reading Print Versus Digital Increases Comprehension: Study (GalleyCat)
Reading a print book is better for comprehension than reading on a computer, according to a new report out of Norway.

Kindle Daily Deal: Color of Evil (and others)

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