Morning Roundup: Rise of mobile apps. Kobo for iOS updated and more

Income vs. Expenses: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living (The Billfold)
Remember that this is pre-tax income. It’s also before Paypal takes out its fees, which add up. I wish Paypal were not the ubiquitous method of paying freelancers, but I did not create the system.

The Rise of Mobile Apps and the Decline of the Open Web (GigaOM)
Venture investor Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz and others say they are concerned that the increasing use of mobile apps means less investment in the open web, and that this could have a negative effect on innovation. But is that true?

Kobo for iOS Updated (The Digital Reader)
Kobo issued a minor update today for their reading app on the iPad and iPhone.

In Search of the ‘Pure Reader’ (Dear Author)
Since we’ve talked a lot about how social media, self-publishing, self-marketing, and other factors have changed the way authors interact with readers, let’s talk a bit about how readers have changed, about what those changes mean, and about whether there is  (or ever has been) such a thing as a “pure reader” space online.

Kindle Daily Deals: Solaris (and others)

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