Morning Roundup: Screen time for toddlers. Why do we abandon certain books?

screen time for toddlersLet’s be Sensible About Screen Time with Toddlers (Teachers with Apps)
iPads and screen time with kids younger than 2 may be just fine according to Dr. Dimitri Christakis from the Seattle Children’s Research Institute’s Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development.

A Modest Proposal for Scaled-Up Open Access (The Scholarly Kitchen)
The basic structure of Kennison and Norberg’s proposal is a three-way partnership between higher-education (HE) institutions (as funding bodies), libraries (as archives and distribution nodes) and scholarly societies (as gatherers, editors, and presenters of content).

On World Press Media Day, a Look at New Media’s Double-Edged Sword (Media Shift)
This cycle of Internet optimism and then despair repeats itself wherever people take to the streets and the Web to organize and report on large-scale protests.

Why Do We Abandon Reading Certain Books? (GoodeReader)
Social Media website GoodReads recently published a piece on the psychology of abandonment. Their research found that Catch-22, Lord of the Rings, Ulysses, Moby-Dick, and Atlas Shrugged were the top abandoned books.

Kindle Daily Deals: Unbreakable (and others)

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