Morning Roundup: Should Sites Pay for Song Lyrics?, iPad Air vs, Kobo Arc 10, and more

copyrightPublishers Want Sites to Pay for Song Lyrics, and they Have a Point (GigaOM)
Anyone can sing a song in the shower, but can they also post the lyrics on a website? In the case of commercial sites, publishers are saying no, and they have copyright law on their side.

Internet Archive Fire Shows Vulnerability of World’s Online Memory (Techdirt)
The Internet Archive is the world’s online memory, holding the only copies of many historic (and not-so-historic) Web pages that have long disappeared from the Web itself.

Apple iPad Air vs Kobo Arc 10 HD (GoodeReader)
Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Comparison. Today we take a look at the new Apple iPad Air and the Kobo Arc 10 HD! Both of these devices reflect the very latest and greatest in large screen displays and bring completely different ecosystems to the table.

If the eBook Market is Flattening Out Then Why Are eBook Sales Up at HarperCollins and Hachette? (The Digital Reader)
Ask anyone from DBW to Nick Carr to the BISG and they’ll insist that the ebook market is leveling out here in the US, but something tells me that the major publishers didn’t get the memo.


Kindle Daily Deals: I’ll Be Seeing You (and others)

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