Morning Roundup — Stories you may have missed

The Wrong War Over Libraries: Publishers vs Libraries (Forbes)

The European Union Strikes Down Agency Pricing (Good E-Reader)

Let Congress Know That Now is the Time to Fix Copyright, Not Put Their Head in the Sand (Techdirt)

Librarians Use Social Networking More Than Teachers and Principal (The Digital Shift)

Kindle Daily Deal: Swimming Home by Deborah Levy {and} three other choices

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  1. I found the Forbes piece on “The Wrong War …” an excellent analysis with interesting recommendations. The forthcoming second part should also be interesting.
    The key premise is that eBooks are licensed, not sold, a status that obviates the doctrine of first sale that libraries have relied upon since the beginning of public libraries. This is probably a fair assumption where eBooks come from commercial publishers of popular fiction. It produces what sounds to me like a workable compromise in this specific case.
    However, the precedent could produce undesirable effects in other situations because I don’t think that it is universally true that eBooks cannot, in many other cases, be owned.

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