Morning Roundup: The Law on Drones, Recalibrating the Bestseller List and more

dronesSo You Want to Fly Drones? Here’s What the Law Says (GigaOM)
Where can you fly a drone? As long as you’re not doing it for business purposes, there are very few rules. Here’s a map and a quick explanation of where your drone can go.

The Miseducation of the Next Generation (An American Editor)
Just as generations change, so did teaching change and so did the Times change. By the time my children were in elementary school, the practice of daily reading of a newspaper had disappeared. Teaching had changed as a profession, but more importantly, newspapers had changed.

Do the Bestseller Lists Need Recalibration? (Dear Author)
As more and more 99c books appear on these lists, I have begun to wonder about both the meaning of the term “bestseller” and what, if anything, it does for readers.  At most the lists for readers serve as a curation and discovery tool but while the Times list may have in the past represented what America is reading, it really only represents what America is buying.

Small is Beautiful: Micro Bookstores Find a Place (Publishers Weekly)
Even before the demise of Borders, the trend of opening superstores was waning, and new bookstores were getting smaller and cozier (many were in the 3,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. range). But some bookstores, particularly in urban areas and at upscale malls, are giving meaning to the term “small business.”


Kindle Daily Deals: Books for Ages 7-12 (and others)

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